PRT is designed to provide access to experience and enjoy public art as well as to inspire individuals and communities to give voice to other creative concerns through the intersection of art, artivism, dialogue, and awareness.

Part of the idea of community is to encourage dialogue about current ideas that impact our lives culturally, socially, economically, and most importantly, environmentally. The theme for this PRT concerns water. It is a way to discuss migration, early natural biology, survival and how we as humans impact our landscape. We believe that through art, design, and new media we can transcend boundaries to inspire growth and change.

It is really important for us to provide live art shows that are free and open to the public.  Project Rooster Teeth is just that! PRT's aim is to bring art back to the people. We want to involve you in the artist process of making art; and it does, involve you, that is. What you will see during each programmed live event is an experience not normally given; nor appreciated for the dramatic and dynamic event that it actually is. Art is engaging and we artists want to engage you!

To be honest, it is very rare to see an artist at work. We tend to stay in our studios and only show finished work – no process (or practice).

But Art is the process of making and creating and it is a very rare treat to be able to experience. So an artist at work is rare like rooster teeth. Now we’re vibing! The old wives tale about Rooster’s Teeth and Hen’s Teeth is that they are so rare that they do not exist in nature. And when an artist doesn’t have something, normally they make it.

Project Rooster Teeth is designed to literally take our voices and practice to the streets to encourage a dialogue between our areas local artists, the art enthusiasts, the general public and those whose experience with visual arts, public art, and urban street arts is limited which will ultimately benefit the Acadiana area and beyond.


Contemporary Public Art is based in these tenets:

  • The materials of the public artist long ago moved beyond bronze, marble, and stained glass.
  • Contemporary artists do not hesitate to dip into the pockets of the material, cultural, or technological worlds to retrieve something that sparks their imagination or serves a desired effect.
  • Public art incorporates the growth of electronic and/or graphic print based art and socially integrated design that continues to expand the artist's palette and the artist's role in the public sphere as a means to encourage our public artists to experiment, even as it complicates the challenge of ensuring that public art endures.
  • The urban realm is a complex environment full of unpredictable activities that exert their forces on even the simplest of objects. A city is a lively, active world with an intense level of usage.
  • Confronting these elements is the public artist, who has an aesthetic vision that must be realized in an environment that is simultaneously physical, social, and political.
  • The conservation and maintenance of public art exist where the desire for control and the desire for freedom intersect, mirroring the tension throughout our culture between the urge to preserve memory and history and the value we place on freedom of expression and living in the moment.
  • Our public spaces are shaped by intricate planning that entails a purposeful arrangement of physical elements and an attempt to balance guarantees of endurance with inspirational vision.

In this early part of the twenty-first century, endurance is a word indefinitely defined…And I will say this. Public Art/Graffiti/StreetArt/Urban Art/ART/ALL TYPES OF ART require the artist to be physical, exacting, and dedicated to the process.

PART OF MY INTENSE LOVE WITH STREETART GRAFFITI AND MURALS is the PROCESS. It doesn’t just happen. This requires planning and at the same time extreme flexibility. The necessity to be on your toes. The Process of Making. It’s so organic and while you are working: YOU. ARE. CURATING. You are operating on many levels of space and depth and design. And it is beautiful and it healthy and we need more of it.


We love speaking with emerging artists...send us your artist statement, a bio along with a link to your images for apply to participate in this coming PRT each Spring.


Drop us a line and let us know if you would like to participate. [email protected]


Short video from Freetown's "Aramenation". Artists Johnathan J.J Wilson, Susan David, and myself came together to put on a live paining event featuring artists from Texas, Missouri, and various cities across Louisiana. Surely this is the first , but thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, we managed to get a little footage. Hopefully we can turn this into something big, and get some more live painting events going on in Louisiana.

It's the OG for what is now known as Project Rooster Teeth.


Aramenation is an annual live painting and music experience in lafayette, LA. Hosted by Susan David, Pat Phillips and Jonathan J.J. Wilson, it brings artists together from all over America to showcase their talents and reconnect with the community.

It's the OG for what is now known as Project Rooster Teeth.


nnovation, inspiration and evolution are vital components to the heart of any community. Lafayette has a strong respect and a deep love for all things art; places like Freetown Studios are helping keep the art community thriving.